About ITGC

ITG Consulting Pvt. Ltd has emerged as one of the most top notch software development companies in India. It is dealing in a variety of products now, like provision of GPS, GIS and RFID software apart from website design and development services. This company was launched in October 2006 and since then has made enormous strides in the domain of GPS tracking devices. Today, the company has almost 30 designers and developers in its panel. The company now deals in provision of GPS products as a vendor through out the world especially in UK. The company is quite serious about the provision of its services and has a huge turnover of 100 thousand pound every year. What drives the company forward is the passionate zeal of its founders Anuj Juneja and Gaurav Dalal who just don’t give up at anything.

This company has developed many varied GPS products including G-trac till date. It aims to provide the highest quality of products to its customers. This G-trac software is the first of its kind containing unique features. The GPS products of this company are endowing everyone with a coveted peace of mind since the vehicle position is in the knowledge of the user at the stroke of a button only. It’s hassle-free to locate a vehicle through these systems whether it is used for personal or commercial purposes. ITGC provides information about the vehicle or a loved one to whosever the tracking device is attached through a blend of different technologies like SMS and internet. The position of the vehicle or the human being is conveyed in real time on Google Maps to the users of such GPS tracking systems.

Here, on gpsindelhi.com, we have elucidated the progress made by us in provision of these systems in Delhi. So far, many businesses in Delhi have benefitted from our systems like Prakash industries and Property Sensex Ltd.

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